Healing the Second Chakra



You’re ready to move from monthly misery to feminine freedom.


Your womb space is one of the holiest energy centers in your body.

It is intimately tied into the heart center.

It is our source for creative birthing power.


And yet, so many women suffer with painful periods or other pelvic symptoms.


Most of the time, these symptoms are accompanied by other female epidemics, like challenges with boundaries, low self-worth, abundance issues, and unresolved relationships.


Working with the underlying energies of your menstrual cycle can pave the way to healthy boundaries, vitality, and creative abundance.


It can transform your menstrual cycle from a burden into a vehicle for spiritual growth.





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There are many programs offered for improving your feminine cycles. This specific program works with flower essences, energy work, and the healing gifts of the faerie realm to promote radiant health.


The Chalice Rose Faerie Queens are a group of beings who assist women with their womb space. During this four month program, you’ll experience the magick of these ascended guides who are here to assist spiritual women live embodied lives.



You’ll develop new relationships with…


  • Maeve: A healing artist and earth goddess for women’s health and divine feminine power. She helps us understand our sexuality and reclaim our wombs as sacred space.
  • Artemis: Artemis is the goddess of the midwives, and she holds space for every single woman in labor. Her gynecological expertise extends beyond childbirth and supports women during every phase of their reproductive life cycle. She helps us manifest, rewild our spirituality, and establish extraordinary self-care practices.
  • Brigid: Brigid is an oracular priestess, energy healer, and the midwife of Jesus. She’s a triple goddess who embodies the maiden, mother, and crone. She assists women as they work with the flower faeries to clear away old patterns and step into greater integrity with their hearts.
  • Lady of Lourdes: Along this journey, sometimes we forget to have compassion with ourselves. The Lady of Lourdes helps soothe the heart and helps us create healing miracles in our lives, effortlessly.
This is for you if:
  • You’re interested in improving your menstrual cycle naturally, but you’re not sure how.
  • You’ve tried acupuncture and other holistic modalities, but your intuition suggests there’s more underneath the surface.
  • You’d like to prepare spiritually for having a baby.
    You have challenges with boundaries, unworthiness, or creative stagnation.
  • You’re curious about flower essences, or have worked with them before.
  • You’re open to exploring the depths of your feminine power.
Flower essences can assist with:
  • Improving feminine cycles
  • Navigating fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum
  • Getting “unstuck”
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Clearing grief and trauma
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Improving intimacy
  • Clearing ancestral patterns
  • …and more.


If you feel the call to work with these powerful remedies, this journey is a wonderful way to experience the healing angels of the natural world.


  • Four 60 minute sessions
  • Four 15 ml flower essence formulas
  • Three 20 minute energy clearings
  • Custom aromatherapy and herbal tinctures, as needed
  • Simple practices and rituals
  • Email support during business hours


The first portion of each session we’ll spend in direct communion with your guides to get clear on how your energy field is functioning. The second portion of the session you’ll receive healing work, which might include past and parallel life clearings, a meditative journey, or a flower angel lightwork. Occasionally, your guides will provide an activation, initiation, or blessing.


Each session is done with deep reverence for the present moment and your individual healing process.


After your session, you’ll receive a custom flower elixir to continue shifting the patterns. Each formula will last for around a month. Between your sessions, you’ll receive a 20 minute energy clearing. These distance sessions use flower and gem elixirs to supercharge your transformation process. Clients report past life clearings, creative breakthroughs, and more.


This container continues to amaze me as women transform difficult cycles into superpowers. It is an honor to witness each woman go through the heroine’s journey and awaken her abilities to heal herself.


If you’re feeling this program call your name, it would be an honor to work with you.

Awaken Your Magick



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Lizzie Swartz is one of the most magickal women in my life. Her work with the plant angels and the faerie queens has revolutionised my life in so many ways. From helping me to become more embodied in my sovereignty, to supporting me as I open up my own psychic channels, Lizzie is like a faerie (queen) godmother for awakening woman. Lizzie’s leads with integrity, deep wisdom, intuition and an open-heart. I highly recommend Lizzie’s work for any woman who is craving magick, sistership and the support of the spirit realm.

Layla Saad

Lizzie is the real-deal. She is unquestionably one of the most gifted and magical women and practitioners I have ever been blessed to know and work with. I have never met a healer who is so innately tapped in, deeply wise, yet also manages to be consistently and infectiously joyful, playful, exploding with faith and authentically REAL. The depth of her heart and her knowledge equally astound me. Her multi-dimensional unique gifts and offerings deeply extend far beyond the realms of the seeing eye and immediately activate in her clients their own capacities to be powerful healers, conscious soul-based leaders, fiercely strong women and magical beings. Lizzie’s intuition is unbelievable and continues to blow me away and inspire me to better unlock my own.

Christina Korpik

Wild Embodied Woman

Lizzie is incredibly intuitive and shares her wisdom in a warm yet direct way. I recently found myself at a critical crossroad with my business and artistic path. Lizzie’s guidance helped me to become crystal clear on which direction to move in, and ultimately would get me closer to my dream of being a performing musician.


Her words resonated with me on a soul level, and before our time together was finished, I had made some very deep shifts and direct decisions which sent me on my path toward my higher calling. Lizzie has a wonderful balance of warmth, generosity, optimism, encouragement, and real deal honesty that requires and creates action and change!

Ciara McAllister

McAllister Music Studio

After a few days of taking her latest blend, I could feel my self worth waking up, stretching its legs and ready to take me for a walk.

Katie Burke

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