morgan ELIXIR

“I AM A visible leader”



Morgan La Faye is the legendary healer of Avalon. She’s a spirited woman with a great gift for healing with herbs, flowers, and stones. She offers her support to healers who wish to be seen, and is an extraordinary mentor for learning about herbalism and the magical arts.


This elixir is one of Morgan’s favorites for women who wish to share their healing gifts with the world, and need support being seen.




Shining brightly, sharing your gifts with others, being seen.

Morgan Elixir



About the essences
  • VIOLET - Helps introverts and shy folks share their gifts with others. Creates an energetic field where people are drawn to your soul work.
  • SILVER - Activates the luminosity of your soul in human form. Magnetizes soul family to your light. Reprograms your system to feel comfortable being seen.
a message from morgan


“I am Morgan, an herbalist, alchemist, and faerie queen. I have been known throughout the ages by many names and many colors, but today I am transmitting to you the true spirit of Avalon. I am transmitting to you a lightcast of rays that activate the magick within you.


My favorite flowers were the humble flowers for introverts, and I often combined these essences with precious metals. These essences helped the Priestesses of Avalon embrace and share their gifts as healers and magical women. Today I offer my favorite formula for being seen, stepping out into the world, and for shining like the revolutionary you are.


If you are interested in herbalism, floral waters, the magical healing arts, feeling good in your body, working with the plant angels, and having a passionate career where you are able to serve with great joy, come to me as a friend and mentor, and we’ll sit down to a cup of linden tea and have a nice chat about you and your inevitable brilliance.”



Water, rosa damascena (rose) hydrosol*, 20% grape alcohol*, infusion of  viola odorata (violet), silver. *Organic



Store in a cool, dry place.



Lizzie is the real-deal. She is unquestionably one of the most gifted and magical women and practitioners I have ever been blessed to know and work with. I have never met a healer who is so innately tapped in, deeply wise, yet also manages to be consistently and infectiously joyful, playful, exploding with faith and authentically REAL. The depth of her heart and her knowledge equally astound me. Her multi-dimensional unique gifts and offerings deeply extend far beyond the realms of the seeing eye and immediately activate in her clients their own capacities to be powerful healers, conscious soul-based leaders, fiercely strong women and magical beings. Lizzie’s intuition is unbelievable and continues to blow me away and inspire me to better unlock my own.


Wild Embodied Woman

Morgan Elixir




The Awake Woman Elixirs are a curated line of flower, gem, and water formulas for embodying your higher self. Each essence contains hand collected flower essences targeted for spiritual growth: from roses for love to borage for courage. The gems are chosen based on traditional Daoist materia medica and other modern texts. The waters are lovingly sourced from sacred healing springs around the world.


Each formula is sponsored by a Chalice Rose Faerie Queen who assists you during your journey with the elixir. You might consider these formulas “Mentorships in a Bottle,” as you have the full support of the faerie queen with each drop you take.


Extraordinary growth occurs when we combine flowers, stones, and essences from healing springs. The flowers live above ground, and work with the personality of an individual. Stones help shift issues below the surface, and waters resonate with the waters of our body and help us adapt to change.


Use your intuition to guide your choice.

Morgan Elixir


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