lady of lourdes ELIXIR

“I AM living water.”



In the 1800s, a young French girl named Bernadette had visions of a lady in the forest who told her to dig a spring. This healing spring became famous when people reported miraculous healings from the waters. After the lady told Bernadette her name was the “Immaculate Conception,” the Catholic Church associated her with Mother Mary. Lourdes is currently a pilgrimage site where millions of people visit every year to bathe in the waters, hoping for miracles.


I believe that the Lady of Lourdes is a faerie queen who has partnered with Mother Mary to help all of humankind. She directs all of the faeries who work with the people visiting Lourdes, and assists the physical healing that takes place. Lourdes is an extraordinary place of faith, reflection, retreat, connection, and yes — even miracles.


While creating this essence, the waters said, “I AM Living Water.” It is an extraordinarily gentle essence, and suitable for all people hoping for divine support.




Connection. Miracles. Love. Living water.

Lady Of Lourdes Elixir



About the essences
  • LOURDES - Connected to Mother Mary, Lady of Lourdes, St. Bernadette, and the Order of Magdalena

    Carries the love of the divine mother

    Acts as an enhancer for all formulas by connecting people to nature consciousness and the faeries

    Carries the initiations of Lourdes

    An antidote for people who doubt miracles

    Helps people who feel disconnected from nature
a message from lady of lourdes


“Miracles are your birthright, and your faith makes them possible.

When you doubt yourself, there is room for miracles.

When you cry, there is room for miracles.

When you suffer, there is room for miracles.

When you laugh, there is room for miracles.

When you feel anything, there is room for miracles.

There is always room for miracles.

Because there is always room for you.”



Water, rosa damascena (rose) hydrosol*, 20% grape alcohol*, Lourdes spring water. *Organic



Store in a cool, dry place.



Lizzie’s essences are truly magical and have helped me heal and start to really come into my own power and my gifts.


Hello Suzy

Lady Of Lourdes Elixir




The Awake Woman Elixirs are a curated line of flower, gem, and water formulas for embodying your higher self. Each essence contains hand collected flower essences targeted for spiritual growth: from roses for love to borage for courage. The gems are chosen based on traditional Daoist materia medica and other modern texts. The waters are lovingly sourced from sacred healing springs around the world.


Each formula is sponsored by a Chalice Rose Faerie Queen who assists you during your journey with the elixir. You might consider these formulas “Mentorships in a Bottle,” as you have the full support of the faerie queen with each drop you take.


Extraordinary growth occurs when we combine flowers, stones, and essences from healing springs. The flowers live above ground, and work with the personality of an individual. Stones help shift issues below the surface, and waters resonate with the waters of our body and help us adapt to change.


Use your intuition to guide your choice.

Lady Of Lourdes Elixir


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