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Avalon is part of our inner landscape. It is a place where we can receive the healing support of the faerie realm, understand our true nature, and learn skills for awakening.


In this journey, you’ll travel to Avalon to learn more about who you are, your divine purpose, and your magick. You’ll establish relationships with key mentors for your spiritual journey. You’ll receive their healing gifts and blessings. And you’ll develop a practice where you can return to this sacred land time and time again.


If you’re curious about your inner Avalon, this is a great place to begin.

Journey To Avalon




Lizzie is incredibly intuitive and shares her wisdom in a warm yet direct way. I recently found myself at a critical crossroad with my business and artistic path. Lizzie’s guidance helped me to become crystal clear on which direction to move in, and ultimately would get me closer to my dream of being a performing musician.


Her words resonated with me on a soul level, and before our time together was finished, I had made some very deep shifts and direct decisions which sent me on my path toward my higher calling. Lizzie has a wonderful balance of warmth, generosity, optimism, encouragement, and real deal honesty that requires and creates action and change!

ciara Mcallister

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Journey To Avalon


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