bernadette ELIXIR

“I speak the truth of my heart.”



St. Bernadette was a young girl when she saw visions of a woman in the forest of Lourdes, France. Eventually, the Catholic Church would declare these were visions of Mother Mary, and a pilgrimage site emerged.


During one of Bernadette’s visions, The Lady asked Bernadette to dig into the ground. While she dug, a spring emerged. Today, millions of people visit Lourdes to bathe in the healing waters there.


Bernadette is a model for what oracular sight can create in the world. Despite the enormous risks of speaking her truth, she brought forward a healing sanctuary blessed by the dominant religious institution of the time.


In Chinese Medicine, there’s a saying that “The tongue is the sprout of the heart.” This elixir connects your throat and heart chakras so you can speak the truth of your heart.




Eloquent speech, courage, listening skills, channeling skills, speaking with love, inspiration. Use while writing or over time to improve communication skills.

Bernadette Elixir



About the essences
  • BORAGE - Borage is the essence of courage. It supports a heavy heart and instills a sense of enthusiasm and lightness.
  • CALENDULA - Calendula is sometimes called “Mary’s Gold,” and is associated with Mother Mary. The sunny flowers help us balance listening and speaking. It brings a golden healing light to communication.
  • LARIMAR - Larimar is an essence of ancient Lemuria. As a blue stone, it has an affinity for the throat chakra. It dramatically opens the throat chakra and also helps clear past lives where one was punished for speaking their truth.
  • RUBY - Ruby is the master essence for the heart. In this formula, ruby helps one speak from the heart.
  • LOURDES - Invokes the devic orders of Lourdes and their capacity for healing miracles; connects us to the Divine Mother.
A message from bernadette

“With the grace of your humanity and the love of your innocent heart, you are a mighty mouthpiece for the divine.”



Water, rosa damascena (rose) hydrosol*, 20% grape alcohol*, Solar infusion (1:6000 dilution) of Calendula officinalis (Calendula), Borago officinalis (Borage), larimar, ruby, Lourdes spring water, and a blessing from Bernadette. *Organic



Store in a cool, dry place.



The moment I met Lizzie, I immediately felt her light, joy and kindness. Her medicine is magic and her presence enchanting.


She is highly intuitive and the essences I received from her were such a perfect fit. We all need a little more Lizzie in our lives. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

iris suurland

Bernadette Elixir




The Awake Woman Elixirs are a curated line of flower, gem, and water formulas for embodying your higher self. Each essence contains hand collected flower essences targeted for spiritual growth: from roses for love to borage for courage. The gems are chosen based on traditional Daoist materia medica and other modern texts. The waters are lovingly sourced from sacred healing springs around the world.


Each formula is sponsored by a Chalice Rose Faerie Queen who assists you during your journey with the elixir. You might consider these formulas “Mentorships in a Bottle,” as you have the full support of the faerie queen with each drop you take.


Extraordinary growth occurs when we combine flowers, stones, and essences from healing springs. The flowers live above ground, and work with the personality of an individual. Stones help shift issues below the surface, and waters resonate with the waters of our body and help us adapt to change.


Use your intuition to guide your choice.

Bernadette Elixir


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