“my heart has strong boundaries.”



Artemis is a woman unto herself. She’s a powerful manifestor, and totally independent. She has mastered the art of powerful boundaries, and there’s so much the modern woman can learn from her fierce strength.


This formula supports the creation of energetic boundaries. It is especially indicated for travel, computer work, city life, or after a broken heart. The essences support a clear energy field and centering in the physical body.




Healthy boundaries, clarity, organization, selfhood, love.

Artemis Elixir



About the essences
  • ROSEMARY - Rosemary helps us live fully in our bodies, integrating our disparate parts into one beautiful core self. She’s also incredibly protective.
  • YARROW - Yarrow knits together the aura and helps us create strong energetic boundaries. She’s an important essence for people who travel or work a lot with computers, or for empaths who absorb other people’s energy. She also teaches selfhood.
  • MUNSTEAD WOOD ROSE - Munstead Wood Rose helps us root deeply into the love of our hearts. She has massive thorns which provide protection. She also has an intoxicating scent, and helps us stand in our beauty and magnificence while remaining well protected.
  • MOTHERWORT - Helps you create and speak clear boundaries. Helps you easily express the truth of your heart.
  • MOONSTONE - Moonstone helps clears the emotional body and connects us to the energy of Diana, Queen of the Moon.
a message from artemis


Every woman who loves must learn to create boundaries. This formula is a blessing for a bountifully loving heart with secure boundaries. When we create healthy boundaries around our heart, we open to love even more. These boundaries are a gift to the world, a gift to you, and a gift to all those you love.


This is a gift for all women who wish to embody love without fear.



Water, rosa damascena (rose) hydrosol*, 20% grape alcohol*, Solar infusion (1:6000 dilution) of Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary), Alchillea millefolium (White Yarrow), Rosa ‘Munstead Wood (Munstead Wood Rose), Leonurus cardiaca (Motherwort), moonstone. *Organic



Not suitable for pregnancy.
Store in a cool, dry place.



Lizzie’s essences are truly magical and have helped me heal and start to really come into my own power and my gifts.


Hello Suzy

Artemis Elixir




The Awake Woman Elixirs are a curated line of flower, gem, and water formulas for embodying your higher self. Each essence contains hand collected flower essences targeted for spiritual growth: from roses for love to borage for courage. The gems are chosen based on traditional Daoist materia medica and other modern texts. The waters are lovingly sourced from sacred healing springs around the world.


Each formula is sponsored by a Chalice Rose Faerie Queen who assists you during your journey with the elixir. You might consider these formulas “Mentorships in a Bottle,” as you have the full support of the faerie queen with each drop you take.


Extraordinary growth occurs when we combine flowers, stones, and essences from healing springs. The flowers live above ground, and work with the personality of an individual. Stones help shift issues below the surface, and waters resonate with the waters of our body and help us adapt to change.


Use your intuition to guide your choice.

Artemis Elixir


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