Embodying The MAGICK OF Avalon



After years of absorbing divine feminine teachings, you’re longing to 
embody the lessons you’ve learned.


You’re ready to step into self-mastery, be worthy and visible, and create miracles on earth.


The Chalice Rose Society is a collective of women dedicated to their spiritual growth and leadership as divine feminine leaders. It is a chrysalis for dramatic transformation, for deepening your journey as a spiritual leader, for bridging your soul’s brilliance to the earth plane.


It is for women who are looking to become even more visible, create from a place of soulful reflection, move through feelings of unworthiness and self-sabotage, and embrace your roots in the faerie realm.


Life After


  • You feel comfortable being a radically visible leader.
  • You trust the intuitive and psychic guidance you receive on a daily basis.
  • You understand your unique contributions to the divine feminine movement.
  • You’ve transmuted feelings of jealousy and control into collaboration and ease.
  • You have concrete tools for healing yourself and accelerating your spiritual awakening.


We’ll be journeying with the Chalice Rose Faerie Queens for six months, in a carefully crafted journey mirroring the life cycle of flowers. We’ll explore women as creative vessels, our roles as spiritual channels, and the unique contributions we each make to the divine feminine movement.



$88 a month


Applications Are Closed


Applications Begin Again in January 2018


Lizzie’s essences are truly magical and have helped me heal and start to really come into my own power and my gifts.

Suzy Biddiscombe

Hello Suzy

Working with Lizzie and receiving her amazing essence blends each month has been such a gift. Lizzie is the embodiment of what she teaches. Being in her presence feels like being in the presence of a sovereign faerie queen. She is pure magick. And more than that, she is what conscious, divine feminine leadership truly looks like. My work with her is helping me to reclaim and embody my own true magickal essence. Each month I feel more sovereign. More whole. And more surrounded and supported by the Divine. I see Lizzie the way I see the Goddess Artemis – as a true sister to women everywhere, who supports women in being who they are here to be.

Layla Saad

Her multi-dimensional gifts activate in her clients their own capacities to be powerful healers, conscious soul-based leaders, fiercely strong women, and magical beings.

Christina Korpik

Wild Embodied Woman

The crystalline pure intentions of Awake Woman are something to marvel at. This woman is incredibly pure in her intentions to activate, and awaken the hearts & minds of aligned women, and oracular activists. I am deeply humbled, and excited about my connection to the Faerie Queens, even more so to say that I feel like I am developing a friendship with this gorgeous Soulful woman!


My heart is full, and I have been allowed to fully express my divinity in form with her society these past three months. My cellular remembrance had been one that I was experiencing mostly within myself, and shared among the few. Now, I am compelled to share more of my full sacred heart with a larger community of like minded beauties that are appearing in my life as I have begun to call in my tribe. Thank You from the Deepest Part of my Being. In deep gratitude, service, and balance.

Brandie Kohl

Awaken Your Magick

$88 a month


Applications Are Closed


August: Brigid


“Your Flower of Light”

Magick Lessons:

Communicating with Faeries

Creating sacred oils



September: Guinevere


“Your Chalice of Love.”

Magick Lessons:

Prayer elixirs, Power symbols

Adornment as a vehicle for awakening


October: Maeve


“Let’s Talk Power.”

Magick lessons:

Sacred money magick

November: Morgan


“Visibility and Vision”

Magick lessons:

Making flower essences, 

Flower angel healing



December: Vivianne


“The Well of Your Magick”

Magick lessons:

Prayer baths, 

Avalonian dream practices


January: Ladies of the Lake



Magick lessons:

To be determined…



  • 6 Activation Calls. These calls are 90 minute guided meditations and teachings with the Faerie Queens and Flower Angels.
  • 6 Sister Circles. The first half of the 90 minute call, you’ll learn a magical skill. The second half of the call, we’ll have an opportunity for group coaching and connecting as a community.
  • 6 Vibrational Elixirs (exclusive to Awake Woman)
  • 6 color PDFs explaining the faerie queen, elixir, and channeled message for the month
  • Recordings for all calls
  • 1 Bonus Video on creating Prayer Elixirs and Baths
  • 15% discount on Awake Woman products, meditations, and services for all of 2017
  • A special crystal chosen just for you.
What happens when you purchase


  • Fill out your intake form
  • Receive approval within 24 hours
  • Pay your invoice (either paid in full or payment plan)
  • Receive your elixirs in the mail within several weeks




$88 a month


Applications Are Closed

After a few days of taking her latest blend, I could feel my self worth waking up, stretching its legs and ready to take me for a walk.


Katie Burke



  • You’re interested in flower essences and natural healing
  • You’re dedicated to your spiritual and personal growth
  • You’re ready to be more visible, yet are looking for support
  • You’re excited to explore the healing gifts of the faerie realm
  • You’re open to working with your shadows
  • You’re politically inclined


  • You’re not willing to take a flower essence formula everyday
  • You’re looking for high-vibes only material
  • You’re not interested in fairies and nature consciousness
  • You’re not interested in the intersection of politics and the divine feminine movement

Her medicine is magic and her presence enchanting. She is highly intuitive and the essences I received from her were such a perfect fit. We all need a little more Lizzie in our lives. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Iris Suurland

Embrace Your Divine Nature 

$88 a month


Applications Are Closed


What are flower essences?

Flower essences are vibrational remedies that work with your meridian system to shift energetic patterns. They help us clear old frequencies and step into greater integrity with the light of our soul. They are the energetic branch of herbal medicine, very safe, and a fast track to healing old patterns.


Who are the Chalice Rose Faerie Queens?

They are a group of divine feminine healers and teachers dedicated to the return of divine feminine Christ consciousness on earth. They assist us with our physical, spiritual, and emotional healing, and promote a balanced life full of pleasure and love. They are allies and friends on your path of awakening.


Will this help my psychic skills?

Yes. Absolutely.


What is your refund policy?

All of the essences are shipped at the beginning of the program, and these bottles are the majority of the program cost. Because of this cost, no refunds are offered.


Will you be offering this program again?

No. Every container I create changes me, too. So the next offering I create will be something different.


Why do you spell magick with a ‘k’?

I spell magick with a ‘k’ to differentiate from magic tricks and wishful thinking. To me, magick is a process of transformation and awakening. It is concrete, tangible, and real. I’m also a medieval scholar, so I love archaic spellings.


Can I participate if I’m outside the US?

Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are welcome. Additional shipping fees apply. Please contact me for payment.

Lizzie is an incredibly gifted and intuitive mentor who radiates huge amounts of joy and unconditional love. Working with her has been a huge blessing in my life for where I am at on my path of soul growth. She has an amazing ability to tap into and awaken the magical realms that reside within each of us, but are often tucked away. She offers gentle support to bring them back to life, so we can be the best of who we have the capacity to be, and in turn awaken the same in others.


The wisdom Lizzie holds seems to tap into the unseen worlds beyond us, and she brings it forward in a way to perfectly support women on their path of growth and life’s mission. I have so much love and respect for the work Lizzie is bringing forward and feel so very grateful to have her supporting me on my journey.


Lizzie, you really are such a beautiful gift to the world.


Jo Bell Cummings

Embrace Your Divine Nature 

$88 a month


Applications Are Closed

Magick Lessons

Receive tales of magick,
faeries, and women
just like you…