You are ready to become the queen of your faerie tale life. Especially if that life involves radiant health, radical prosperity, and embodying your spiritual gifts.


Every woman comes to me for a different reason.
Perhaps you’re experiencing horrible periods, mood swings, infertility, or low libido, and want to get to the spiritual and emotional causes of your symptoms.
Perhaps you were raised in a religious context, and are working to develop your own relationship with source.
Perhaps you’re a spiritual channel, and are seeking a way to trust your gifts and create miracles in the lives of others.
Perhaps you’re a divine feminine healer, and you’d like to shine as a leader in this movement.


The women I coach have spiritual breakthroughs. They make career changes. They build new businesses. They recover their libido from the depths of postpartum. They find partners after years of being single. They feel safer than ever expressing their spiritual and creative gifts. They develop systems for hearing their psychic intuitive guidance. They celebrate their menstrual cycles as gifts rather than curses. Most of all, they learn how to love themselves and become the sovereign queen of their lives.


Every container is as unique as the woman being mentored, and I’m not a healer for everybody. This work is strong, powerful, and you truly must be seeking to make a change in your life. But if your heart is calling you to work together, the door is open for the journey of a lifetime.



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Lizzie is the real-deal. She is unquestionably one of the most gifted and magical women and practitioners I have ever been blessed to know and work with. I have never met a healer who is so innately tapped in, deeply wise, yet also manages to be consistently and infectiously joyful, playful, exploding with faith and authentically REAL. The depth of her heart and her knowledge equally astound me. Her multi-dimensional unique gifts and offerings deeply extend far beyond the realms of the seeing eye and immediately activate in her clients their own capacities to be powerful healers, conscious soul-based leaders, fiercely strong women and magical beings. Lizzie’s intuition is unbelievable and continues to blow me away and inspire me to better unlock my own.

Christina Korpik

Wild Embodied Woman

It has been an amazing journey to work with you. I am so grateful for your work, your light, and love!! Your guidance has taken me to places I never thought I could go or even existed.

Amanda Boldreghini

Amanda Boldreghini aromatherapist

Lizzie is incredibly intuitive and shares her wisdom in a warm yet direct way. I recently found myself at a critical crossroad with my business and artistic path. Lizzie’s guidance helped me to become crystal clear on which direction to move in, and ultimately would get me closer to my dream of being a performing musician.


Her words resonated with me on a soul level, and before our time together was finished, I had made some very deep shifts and direct decisions which sent me on my path toward my higher calling. Lizzie has a wonderful balance of warmth, generosity, optimism, encouragement, and real deal honesty that requires and creates action and change!

Ciara McAllister

McAllister Music Studio



payment plans available


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  • Six 75 minute sessions
  • Three 15ml flower essence formulas
  • One 30 ml constitutional essence
  • Email support during business hours
  • Custom aromatherapy and herbal products, as indicated
  • Simple rituals and practices
  • Three months of continuous mentorship from the Chalice Rose Faerie Queens


Twice a month, we’ll meet on phone or Zoom for an channeled healing session. Each call is quite different, but you might experience a guided meditation, intuitive inquiry, spiritual guidance, gentle coaching, channeled messages from your guides, and quantum energy work to clear patterns and awaken your magick.


From there, you’ll receive practices and rituals for the next month.


Once a month, you’ll receive a bespoke flower essence blend to support your journey until our next call. See below.


After your last session, you’ll also receive a constitutional flower essence created just for you, so the transformational benefits will extend far beyond our three months together. This formula will help you integrate everything you’ve learned during our time together.


What are flower essences?


Flower essences stimulate your ability to heal yourself.


Flower essences are the energetic imprint of a plant, the healing gift of a specific flower. Over time, flower essences shift old patterns and provide DNA activations for awakening your magick.


Many of my clients have never worked with flower essences before, but these formulas are the reason women keep coming back. In many ways, they are the fast-track to healing.

Flower essences can assist with:
  • Improving feminine cycles
  • Navigating motherhood
  • Getting “unstuck”
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Clearing grief and trauma
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Improving intimacy
  • Clearing ancestral patterns



  • Speaking your truth
  • Supporting financial abundance
  • Awakening worthiness and receiving
  • Expressing your spiritual gifts Improving decision making
  • Decreasing overwhelm
  • Healing relationships with friends or family
  • Grounding and protecting your energy

Lizzie is the embodiment of what she teaches. Being in her presence feels like being in the presence of a sovereign faerie queen. She is pure magick. And more than that, she is what conscious, divine feminine leadership truly looks like. My work with her is helping me to reclaim and embody my own true magickal essence. Each month I feel more sovereign. More whole. And more surrounded and supported by the Divine. I see Lizzie the way I see the Goddess Artemis – as a true sister to women everywhere, who supports women in being who they are here to be.

Layla Saad

The moment I met Lizzie, I immediately felt her light, joy and kindness. Her medicine is magic and her presence enchanting.


She is highly intuitive and the essences I received from her were such a perfect fit. We all need a little more Lizzie in our lives. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Iris Suurland

I loved my work with Lizzie. She helped me grow past old truths of guilt, fear, of playing small, of being careful with who sees my light. Her warmth, excitement, and deep love made emerging from my chrysalis so effortless. She helped usher in my strength which made my business explode so beautifully, very quickly. Her understanding and expertise in the arena of flower essence so beautifully unfolded my soul, supporting me in every way that I needed. I highly recommend her to the intuitive woman who wants to expand on her gifts and claim her rightful place in the stream of things.

Maria Palumbo

After my first session with Lizzie I knew I had just been touched by a true healer. With her guided practices I felt held, and the medicine of these plants gently shifted my outlook and connections. She has been the midwife to my spiritual awakening.

Katie Burke

Lizzie is magic personified. With this electric sweetness that permeates her entire being, she somehow reaches out through the ethers, connects her heart to yours and enchants you back to life. In working together, it suddenly dawned on me that in my racing about to help others connect to their magic, I had forgotten that I am magic, too. The information Lizzie relayed reignited the light in me that I had unknowingly almost extinguished. She has this beautiful ability to transmit her sweetness directly into your heart. I felt loved, held, heard and seen – such a magical experience.

Danielle Bertoia

The thing about Liz Swartz is that she is pure magic. The moment you are in her presence you feel it. She is full of light and strength equally. She asked me, “What would you like to manifest in your life today?” Now if that’s not a great way to start a session, I don’t know what is.


Allowing someone to alter your energetic field is extremely personal. Trust is of utmost importance. You want to be free to let out whatever needs to be dealt with. I know that when I’m in Liz’s hands, I’m safe to do this. She has helped me cut the cords and transform intensely deep aspects of myself. Even through the heavy, the journey is beautiful. Liz shines her light so mine will shine brighter, too. Thank you, Liz!

Heather Pierce



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Lizzie Rae Rose is the spiritual channel for the Chalice Rose Faerie Queens.


She is a divine feminine teacher and leader, rewilding ascension teachings through nature consciousness. She serves a worldwide clientele through individual sessions and group programs, helping women awaken their magick and innate healing abilities. She is also the founder of the Awake Woman apothecary, a line of flower essence remedies for divine feminine awakening.


Her healing style is a special blend of flower essence therapy, channeling, intuitive counseling, and ceremony. Prior to starting her healing practice, she earned her B.A. in Italian Literature from Yale (with distinction) and worked for Google in engineering. Her home is San Francisco’s Mission District, where she gardens, writes, and teaches her toddler about plants.


Her book on faerie consciousness is expected for release in 2018.

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