I’m a spiritual guide for awakening women.


My job is to help you embrace your divine


nature, the heart of your magick.

I’m a faerie queen, and I work with nature consciousness to help women heal themselves.


I channel a group of spiritual teachers called the Chalice Rose Faerie Queens. But my mission isn’t to teach you to be like me. My mission is to help you fall in love with yourself, so you embody your essence.


If you’re a faerie queen too, that’s awesome! But if you’re a dragon mother, mermaid healer, or accountant from Wisconsin, you’re welcome here, too.


Everybody’s path looks slightly different, but the binding theme is this:


You awaken your magick by falling in love with your humanity.


You didn’t come all this way to avoid being human. And the more you fully embody your humanity, loving and accepting all parts of yourself, the more energy you free for your higher self to descend into form and bless your life.

“You awaken your magick by falling in love with your humanity.”


Heal Feminine Cycles Awaken psychic powers and spiritual gifts Earn what you’re worth Adore your beautiful body Create awesome boundaries
Nourish your fertility Dissolve creative blocks and launch projects Balance Motherhood Activate self-healing capabilities And more.
Training and Credentials

My trainings cover a wide variety of complementary modalities: flower essences, energy work, bodywork, mindfulness, literary analysis, and Chinese medicine. Through each of these trainings, I’ve developed my own tested system for working with women on a holistic level.

  • Woman Rising – Flower Essence Certification Program
  • Integrated Energy Therapy: Master – Instructor
  • Reiki Master Certification
  • Search Inside Yourself Teacher Training Program, Google Inc.
  • Shiatsu Massage (in progress)

Woman Rising – Flower Essence Mastery Program
Delta Gardens – Flower Essences for Lyme Disease


Alaskan Essences – New Essence Research Program
Australian Bush Flower Essences Society
California Native Plant Society
Flower Essence Society

  • M.S. Traditional Chinese Medicine, American College of Traditional Medicine (In Progress)
  • B.A. with Distinction, Italian Literature, Yale University


Lizzie Rae Rose is a flower essence therapist, writer, and healer.


She is an ambassador for the faerie realm, rewilding ascension teachings through nature consciousness. She serves women worldwide through individual sessions and group programs, helping them awaken their magick and innate healing abilities. She is also the founder of the Awake Woman apothecary, a line of flower essence remedies for spiritual awakening.


Her healing style is a special blend of flower essence therapy, channeling, intuitive counseling, and ceremony. Prior to starting her healing practice, she earned her B.A. in Italian Literature from Yale (with distinction) and worked for Google in engineering. Her home is San Francisco’s Mission District, where she gardens, writes, and teaches her toddler about plants.


Her book on faerie consciousness is expected for release in 2018.


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