Flower Essences for Heartbreak, Grief, and Loss

It seems like hearts are breaking daily on Planet Earth these days, and rightfully so. It can be a lot for the human heart and nervous system to process everything happening in our internal and external worlds.

During times like these, I go to the plants for help. I ask them what they’re doing. How are they coping? Plants have been here far longer than we have, whether evolutionarily or quite literally. Some trees are hundreds of years old! But there’s even wisdom in a sidewalk dandelion. There’s wisdom in the calendula blossoms. There’s wisdom in the trees losing their leaves. See how they let go?

Flower essences are immensely helpful for all stages of grief. You can choose to work with one at a time, or create a formula for yourself with 2-5 essences. I also offer custom formulations in my shop. At the end of this post, you’ll also find my favorite tea recipes for grief and loss.

But please know this: there’s nothing wrong with grief or heartache. Healing always has her own timeline. The more you surrender to the process, the more graceful it will be. But all the rage, all the anger, all the pain, all the heartache…there’s nothing to fix. Let it all be your teacher. And ask the plants to help.

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Flower Essences

For Supporting the HEart

Bleeding Heart (Flower Essence Society) – For when your heart is breaking. It helps soothe and ease a broken heart, whether after a breakup, miscarriage, or responding to the events of the world at large.

Hawthorn (Delta Gardens, One Willow Apothecaries)- Hawthorn is an amazing essence for grief and loss. She helps put all of the pieces of your heart back together, so when they’re reassembled, your metaphorical cardiac muscle is stronger. She is immensely soothing, patient, kind, and generous with her energy.

Borage(Flower Essence Society, Delta Gardens) – An essence for courage. Helps uplift the heart during times of sorrow and stress.

Ruby (Alaskan Essences) – A gem essence; helps strengthen the etheric heart.

For Shock and Overwhelm

Five Flower Formula (Flower Essence Society/Healing Herbs)- A general aid for times of stress. Also called “Rescue Remedy.”

Star of Bethlehem (Flower Essence Society) – Also eases any shock or trauma in the system. (Also included in Five Flower Formula)

Arnica (Flower Essence Society, Delta Gardens) – Helps ease any shock in the system. Can use as a flower essence or homeopathically.

Bougainvilla (Sister Spinster) – Helps the heart stay steady while processing a lot of emotions.

Elm (Flower Essence Society/Healing Herbs) For times of temporary overwhelm.

For Protection

Angelica (Flower Essence Society, Delta Gardens) – A protection essence that calls upon the support of the angelic kingdom.

Lady’s Mantle (Flower Essence Society) – Calls the green forces of the earth into your physical body, creating a bubble of protection around you.

Yarrow (Flower Essence Society) – Creates energetic boundaries; strengthens your auric field by stiching together any holes created by trauma or loss.

Rosemary – Helps you come back into your body after shock or trauma.

St. John’s Wort (Flower Essence Society) – A protective essence. Also helps with nightmares or vivid dreams.

Later Recovery

You can keep taking any of the above essences, or explore the following:

Artemis (Awake Woman) – This formula creates strong energetic boundaries. Often after heartbreak, it feels like boundaries have been crossed. Motherwort is an essence for speaking healthy boundaries. The formula also includes yarrow to strengthen the auric field.

Guinevere (Awake Woman)- An Awake Woman flower elixir that can open the heart after loss.

Oak (Flower Essence Society/Healing Herbs) For when you feel like you should be recovered already, and aren’t sure if you can keep on healing. Oak brings a sense of steadfastness and strength.

Self Heal (Flower Essence Society) – Helps give you confidence that you’ll be able to move through your grief and heal. Especially useful when the recovery process is taking longer than you think it should.

And in the meantime, there are many activities that can help the heart heal. Taking baths with pink salt and rose petals. Anointing yourself with essential oils. Crying. Screaming into pillows. Exercise. Journaling. Reading novels and watching movies. Music. Rest, rest, and more rest. 

And most of all, friends. Chances are there are people who really love you and care about you. Give them the opportunity to support you. That’s what friends (humans and plants) are for.


Sample Flower Essence Formula

  • Angelica Flower Essence
  • Yarrow Flower Essence
  • Borage Flower Essence
  • Bleeding Heart Flower Essence
  • Hawthorn Flower Essence
  • Brandy
  • Water

In a 1/2 oz amber glass bottle, fill the bottle with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 water. Add three drops of each flower essence. Close the bottle, and shake to mix. Take 3 drops, 3x a day under your tongue.

Heart Mender Tea


  • 4 parts dried hawthorn leaf and flower
  • 2 parts dried linden leaf and flower
  • 2 parts dried violet leaf and flower
  • 1 part dried rose petals

Combine herbs. Use 2 TB of combined herbs for every 1 cup of water.

Cover herbs with boiling water.

Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Strain, and serve with some honey if desired. If you wish, add a few drops of flower essences to your mug of tea.

Violet Leaf Infusion

Violet infusion is incredibly nourishing for the heart.

Take 1 oz of dried violet leaves and flowers. Add to a 1 quart jar. Cover with hot water, and let sit for at least four hours, or overnight.

Strain and drink 1-4 cups a day. You can also add flower essences to your infusion. I like adding violet essence to my violet infusion. 

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