Flower Essences for Love and Forgiveness

Within the halls of self-hatred and self-judgment, there is an exit,

A doorway with a sign above that says “Forgiveness.”

If you so choose, the door is unlocked,
ready for you to walk through.

Down the hall, there’s another exit,

A doorway with a sign above that says, “Love.”

If you so choose, the door is also unlocked,

ready for you to walk through.

And down the hall, there’s another sign.

It says, “If you wish to leave these halls,

turn around.

Love and forgiveness

are the only ways


-Channeled from Queen Rose


There are many beautiful flower, gem, and environmental essences available for love and forgiveness. (If you’re unfamiliar with flower essences, head to our shop and check out the Guide to Vibrational Healing).

These are my favorites:

Munstead Wood Rose: Nourishes the root of the heart so you feel safe to love; helps create strong boundaries.

Yarrow: Helps you keep your energy field clear from the energy of others.

Borage: Uplifts the heart and provides courage.

Hawthorn: Helps the heart heal from emotional wounding.

Claret Cup Magnolia: Connects you to the love of the Divine Mother.

Motherwort: Helps you speak your boundaries in relationships.

Violet: Helps you feel safe to be seen in relationships.

Pine: Helps us forgive ourselves.

Lourdes Water: Aligns you with the healing magick of Lourdes, France and the love of Mother Mary.

Ruby: Strengthens the energetic heart

Pink Tourmaline: Fosters a sense of worthiness; connects the energies of the heart and the womb.


Many of these essences are available in our elixirs.

I wish you so many magick blessings on your journey of self-love and self-forgiveness.

-Lizzie Rae Rose
and the Chalice Rose Faerie Queens

HI! I'm Lizzie.

I’m a guide for women on a conscious path of spiritual awakening. I’m also the internationally celebrated oracle for the Chalice Rose Faerie Queens. This blog is a place where I’ll share my own journey, channeled messages from the Queens, and recipes for transformation. Enjoy!

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